Undaunted by Physical Challenges, Wiyona Yeung Took Action Star Route

Undaunted by Physical Challenges, Wiyona Yeung Took Action Star Route

The former model believes the earlier she dealt with these challenges, the more confidence and drive she would have to achieve better growth.


In addition to many catchy action sequences, a sexy bathtub scene in The Man Who Kills Troubles <解決師> also made viewers sit up and took notice of Eric Li’s (李天翔) onscreen girlfriend, played by Wiyona Yeung (楊柳青). Originally a model, the svelte actress appeared in many challenging action scenes in drama and film productions in recent years, gradually gaining viewer recognition.

Injuries to Be Expected, Yet Recognition is Not a Given

Now 32 years old, Wiyona entered the industry in 2016, and was a model and host before settling in her current role as action star. She explained her career path, “In the past I was a model and host, but later I realized I liked acting more. Because my character is more resolute and firm, I thought I could try filming action scenes and playing assassin roles.”

Since deciding her career path, Wiyona started spending time training at the gym, which gradually became a habit and also made her more confident and happier as a person. Persisting in training three times every week for the past four years has given her a fitter figure and also strengthened her determination to continue the route of an action star.

In 2017, Wiyona caught the attention of viewers with her role as the agile Jenny in Heart and Greed 3 <溏心風暴3>. She also starred in two films this year as lead actress in We Are Legends <入鐵籠> and played a professional assassin in a collaboration with Nick Cheung (張家輝) in Guilt By Design <催眠•裁決>.

Recounting injuries on set of We Are Legends, Wiyona shared how her chest was hit by her onscreen opponent’s kneecaps in a tackling scene which hurt her ribs, though she ignored her injury and continued filming. It was only later when she realized even breathing felt painful that she hurriedly sought help at the accident and emergency department.

Spending nearly nine months to recover fully from the injury, Wiyona reflected on her journey, “I had expected to be injured since starting, and doubted myself when I sustained injuries even before starting filming, asking myself if I should keep going or give up? Fighter training also made my legs thicker and the results were not as ideal. Those around me also doubted if I would succeed. I may not get recognized even with the effort put in.”

Perfecting Her Sexiest Performance To-Date

Upon receiving the script for The Man Who Kills Troubles, which she calls her sexiest role yet, Wiyona focused on achieving a trim figure, exercising daily and eating clean by bringing her own food to the filming set. However, she regretted that she forgot to take better care of her back which had tan marks from the sun’s exposure, and lamented she could only “do better the next time”.

Grateful towards everyone who allowed her to cross into television dramas from films, Wiyona brought up producer Lau Ka Ho (劉嘉豪) of Heart and Greed 3 and The Man Who Kills Troubles, as well as producer Mui Siu Ching (梅小青) of Forensic Heroes IV <法證先鋒IV>. “I hope to work with different teams in the future. I’m not greedy and only want to do my best as an action actress.”

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