KFC Debuts New White BBQ Crunch; Cheezy Wedges Promo At RM2.50

KFC Debuts New White BBQ Crunch; Cheezy Wedges Promo At RM2.50

Rejoice fast food lovers! KFC has debuted the all new White BBQ Crunch.

This Chinese New Year, instead of “painting” the fried chicken with the usual red or brown sauce, the F&B chain has opted for a BBQ sauce that is white.

The KFC White BBQ Crunch is a different take on our popular chicken specially created for the festive season. With a mild Hot Sauce Glaze over the popular KFC Hot & Spicy chicken, topped with the rich smoky White BBQ Sauce, it is an overall mouth-watering and satisfying experience that you wouldn’t want to miss!” said Angelina Villanueva, Chief Marketing Officer of KFC Malaysia.

Word has it that the new sauce is a combination of “smoky, sweet, tangy and spicy flavours all in one crunchy bite”. Available for a limited time only, the 2-pc combo set (which comes with two pieces of chicken, whipped potato, coleslaw, and a drink) costs RM15.30 while the 3-pc combo set is priced at RM20.30.


Unto more good news – KFC is also running a yummy promo on their famous Cheezy Wedges. Instead of the usual RM3.90, diners can now get the regular size for RM2.50 only.

So who’s up for some White BBQ Crunch?

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