Rihana Oksana Reflects On Life After Her Public Divorce

Rihana Oksana Reflects On Life After Her Public Divorce

Is there a life after divorce?” Rihana Oksana posted the question to her 594k followers on Instagram yesterday (Tuesday, 7th January).

In her lengthy post the 27-year-old mum reflected on stuffs that had happened over the past year. She went from being a newlywed, to experiencing her first pregnancy and a public divorce. Despite that, she’s looking at the glass half full.

Source: Instagram

One year ago I thought that I wouldn’t survive with the baby inside…six months ago I still felt very upset and sick, but I have started to work a lot and made myself very busy, as mush as possible,” the Russian beauty wrote.

These days, Rihana confessed that she’s finally appreciating the taste of freedom. “I have never felt such a pleasure in my life – nobody tells me what I should wear, eat, what time to go to bed,” the former Miss Moscow said – giving the impression that she was being controlled.

With this emancipation, the model expressed, “I can live absolutely the way I want, go where I want, bring up my son in the way I like.” Career wise, it appears that opportunities have been generous.

Many netizens took to the comments section to praise her positive outlook on life and send their well wishes to Rihana and her son, Ismail Leon.

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