Pakho Chau Hospitalized After His Big Win at TVB Anniversary Awards

Pakho Chau Hospitalized After His Big Win at TVB Anniversary Awards


Although leaving the TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony with two awards in hand on Sunday, Hong Kong singer-actor Pakho Chau (周柏豪) was hospitalized the very next day due to a high fever.

Taking part in the well-received drama, Wonder Women <多功能老婆>, Pakho won the Most Popular Male Character as well as the Most Popular Drama Theme Song awards. Despite dressing up and looking sharp for the awards show, Pakho was actually feeling feverish throughout the night. Not wanting to be a no-show for the event, Pakho felt very sick and needed to hold onto his assistant for physical support when he left.

Yesterday, he uploaded a photo onto his Instagram showing that he is currently in the hospital resting and recovering from his fever. He wrote, “I’m sorry to have worried everyone. I was in terrible condition yesterday, and I honestly didn’t even have the energy to stand up. However, I was thrilled to have been given two awards – I was also very excited and nervous. It was also very touching to see my friends win as well – I’m very happy for them.”

Although Pakho won two awards, he said that the honor belonged to everyone. Thanking his fans for their unending support, he said, “This is all because of you – all of you who are the audience. You guys are so appreciative – without your admiration, we’re nothing. Without your love and support, Oppa [from Wonder Women] is nothing as well.”

Source: HK01

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