EXO’s Contract With Nature Republic To Be Terminated Next Month

EXO’s Contract With Nature Republic To Be Terminated Next Month

K-pop mega group EXO (엑소)’s contract with Nature Republic is reportedly coming to an end soon.

Earlier today (Wednesday, 15th January), an EXO-L (EXO stan) posted a screenshot of a statement made by the famed beauty cosmetics brand regarding the award-winning group’s exclusive deal on their internal web.

The translated statement reads, “Hello, our contract with EXO, who has modelled for the brand for a long time, will come to an end on 29th February 2020. Regarding this, you need to use all of the stock of EXO-related products.”

Nature Republic’s sudden announcement came out in the wake of the recent news involving member Chen’s upcoming marriage with his non-celebrity partner. Although there’s no exact reason and confirmation made by the company, a number of fans have linked the out-of-the-blue decision with the ongoing issue involving the 27-year-old Hallyu star.

Source: Nature Republic

In this case, some of them have left hurtful comments, demanding Chen (real name Kim Jongdae) to leave his group for good. On the contrary, some also pointed that the decision to end their contract has been a long time coming. Check out some of the highlighted comments here:

  • “EXO got cut because of Jongdae. When will he leave the group?”
  • “The other members got their contract terminated because of him… And I don’t even know if he’s in hiding or not. I’m a fool for liking him in the first place.
  • “EXO can’t work with them anymore all because of Kim Jongdae. Wow, seriously. Hahahahaha. He’s caused enough harm.”
  • “They’ve been with them for so long. They’re finally free.”
  • “Wow, finally. There was nothing to buy there anyway.”
Source: Nature Republic

For those who don’t know, the “Call Me Baby” jam makers have become the main ambassador for the brand since 2013.

Sources: KoreabooKstarlive.

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