Rebecca Zhu Claims Tony Hung Gets Too Touchy on Set

Rebecca Zhu Claims Tony Hung Gets Too Touchy on Set

Playing a couple for the TVB drama Wonder Women <多功能老婆>, Tony Hung (洪永城) and Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) had to spend time together to build camaraderie and chemistry, but according to Rebecca, Tony got too comfortable too quickly.

While they did play husband and wife on the show, and shared quite a few intimate scenes, sometimes enough is enough. According to Rebecca, Tony would sometimes take the initiative to add kissing scenes off-script, and it was usually always without warning.

Rebecca said, “There was a time when he suddenly kissed me, and I didn’t know how to react. If the camera wasn’t rolling, I would’ve pushed him away.”

She also shared that Tony had added an additional scene of him touching Rebecca. “He looked like he was really enjoying it, but in my head I was thinking, are you done yet?”

Rebecca did not hide her shock with Tony’s behavior when the duo went on radio shows to promote the TVB drama. She had shared, “I was worried that the kiss would be too long, or that he would suddenly stick out his tongue. He can get pretty bold! That’s why before we do the scenes, I would bring in our producer, Ella Chan (陳寶華), to discuss with us on how to do the scenes. Even the producer told Tony Hung that he should calm down!”

Tony immediately turned red after Rebecca’s statements. Asking if he would like to defend himself with more clarifications, he said, “No. I don’t want to make matters worse.”

Though Tony and Rebecca remain courteous in public, rumors are saying that Tony has gotten upset with Rebecca for ruining his image, calling her a “big mouth.” Tony has been reached multiple times about these claims, but each time he would respond saying “no comment.”



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