Sulli’s Brother Exposes Their Father For Going After Her Wealth & Assets

Sulli’s Brother Exposes Their Father For Going After Her Wealth & Assets

Sulli (설리)’s elder brother Choi Daehee (최대희) came out with a shocking revelation on his Instagram, claiming that their father is currently going after the former f(x) member’s money that she has left following her unfortunate death.

Daehee posted a screenshot of a text message sent by their father. Word has it that the chat was supposed to be sent to his acquaintances.

I want to carry the sadness of my sister by myself. But how can a father share his problems regarding assets to his acquaintances instead of the sadness of the loss of his daughter? He hasn’t even visited her grave yet. I don’t want to get too personal here but if we’re strangers, let’s just live like that,” Daehee wrote on the caption.

It was revealed in the message that both Sulli’s parents are currently fighting for the rights to inherit her assets and wealth she left behind. “I have a daughter who has gone to heaven. She has left behind assets. I have fought with her mother about this and we’re currently living as strangers,” the father wrote in the chat.

The father even claimed that he’s praying to use the money to benefit the society. “I pray that everyone will remember our God’s sacrifice to save us and listen to his voice and live a happy life of giving back (to the community). I love you,” he further added.

A day after that, Daehee uploaded a screenshot of a conversation he had with his father. The father has claimed that he had visited Sulli’s grave twice. Daehee responded to his father by writing, “This isn’t even funny anymore. How can you use someone else’s photo and pretend that it’s yours? You really need to stop lying,” implying that his father is being manipulative.

Daehee continued by claiming that their father is trying to avoid from paying the inheritance tax. He assured that the family members will not sell the house that Sulli had worked hard for. It was also revealed that the payment is coming up this March.

It seems like the whole situation is getting out of hand. What’s next for both Sulli’s brother and father after this?

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