Michael Tong Exercises at Playground

Michael Tong Exercises at Playground

Although he is 50 years old, actor Michael Tong (唐文龍) does not show any signs of aging and still maintains a very fit physique. Recently, Michael shared a clip of himself working out at a local park, and encouraged others to do more exercise from time to time, Michael recently

It turns out, this isn’t just any ordinary park. Michael visited an old childhood playground in Hong Kong, a place filled with memories of youth. Although he is no longer a child, Michael is still able to utilize the playground and showed others how to do exercise using the equipment in three minutes.

Sharing the video on Instagram, he wrote, “These were for fun and games as a kid. Now they’re used for exercising. Let’s start from the basics and improve!” In the video, Michael was seen wearing gloves while doing push ups, pull ups, and other arm and ab exercises using the monkey-bars and jungle gym.

After watching his video, many netizens complimented Michael on using surrounding resources and thanked him for reminding them that they can use nearby playgrounds as gyms.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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