Sammy Sum Comments on Girlfriend’s Sexy Appearance

Sammy Sum Comments on Girlfriend’s Sexy Appearance

New Viu TV reality program Beautiful Girls’ Picnic <美女郊遊遊> (rough translation) is the new TV show to anticipate for the month. Starring “Double S” Shirley Sham (沈殷怡) and Shirley Chan (陳欣妍), the show follows the girls going on hikes together.

On April 1st, ViuTV dropped a first-look trailer of the show, featuring the girls hiking up a mountain while wearing only bikinis. The trailer was described to be an “April Fool’s Day treat.”

Sammy Sum (沈震軒), who is dating Shirley Chan, was asked about his thoughts on his girlfriend’s trailer. He said, “It’s a healthy look! I think it’s okay to have a sexy image that is positive and healthy. It’s youthful!”

As for the “male perspective” camera angles on the girls, Sammy said, “Visual effects! Nothing too out of the ordinary.”

Sammy reminded viewers that the trailer was clearly for fanservice and urged them to genuinely support the show. “It wasn’t easy filming. They literally filmed from five to six in the morning to past midnight!”

The show premieres April 13th.


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