Meghan Markle: ACTUALLY Pregnant With Baby #2?!

Meghan Markle: ACTUALLY Pregnant With Baby #2?!

For the past month or more, one news story has consistently dominated the headlines worldwide like no other event in recent history.

As you’re likely aware, at this point, the coronavirus has infected more than half a million Americans and killed nearly 25,000.

But as we were reminded after 9/11 and during World War II and the Great Depression — even in the darkest of times, humans carry on with the behaviors that have always defined us as a species.

So it’s tough to assess this latest round of Meghan Markle pregnancy rumors.

It could be that the tabloid press is just desperate for some light at the end of the tunnel and a story that has nothing to do with COVID-19.

Or it could be that Harry and Meghan’s most recent activities really are a result of the Duchess trying to minimize risk now that she’s expecting.

The upcoming issue of Us magazine’s print edition contains a revelation that’s sure to excite the millions of Meg fans to whom she’ll always be royalty.

The tabloid is reporting that there’s reason to believe that Harry and Meghan are currently expecting a little sibling for baby Archie.

But to be fair, the report seems to be based mostly on speculation that a pregnancy would help to explain the Sussexes’ unusual behavior amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As you’ve probably heard, Harry and Meghan moved to America just as the US took its spot as the country hardest hit by COVID-19.

Many assumed the couple would ride out the pandemic in their secluded home on Vancouver Island, especially after news that Prince Charles had contracted the coronavirus brought the whole terrifying situation frighteningly close to home.

Now, one insider claims there’s a reason for the odd timing — Harry and Meghan wanted to get the move out of the way before Meg reaches the stage in her pregnancy where she’s unable to fly.

“People were pretty shocked because the whole thing seemed very rushed,” says the source.

“Everyone had to wonder if there was a reason behind the sudden change of plans,” the insider adds.

“There’s buzz that Meghan and Harry are expecting baby No. 2, later this year,” the tipster continues.

“Harry and Meghan have had a very busy few months, but they both feel that this baby couldn’t have come at a better time. Becoming parents has brought them so much joy, they can’t wait for another go-around.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry And Little Archie

Well, there are probably better times for a pregnancy — such as any time humanity isn’t in the throes of a global pandemic, but hey — we could all use something to look forward to these days, right?

So Harry and Meghan — if the rumors are true, congrats!

And if they’re not … well, maybe it’s time to get to work!

Something about a royal baby being born in LA appeals to us.

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