Najwa Mahiaddin Denies Coming Up With Viral “Ke Sana Ke Sini” Remix Song

Najwa Mahiaddin Denies Coming Up With Viral “Ke Sana Ke Sini” Remix Song

The remix song called “Ke Sana Ke Sini” is currently shared across social media ever since Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin came up with the phrase during one of his press conference on the Movement Control Order (MCO) back in March.

A lot of netizens first speculated that the song was produced by the PM’s beloved daughter Najwa Mahiaddin (also known as NJWA). However, the singer is clearing out misconceptions about the song’s origins.

The 34-year-old singer took to Instagram Story to share with her followers the original creators of the viral song; a duo called Bass Agents. She wrote, “Shout to these guys who did the remix @bassagents_my. (The song is) not mine. :).”

Ever since “Ke Sana Ke Sini” dropped last month, a lot of people have been making use of the song by uploading creative covers of the song online to cope with the boredom while at home. The massive popularity of the song even lead to a brand new challenge on social media (particularly TikTok) called #KeSanaKeSiniChallenge. Pretty cool, huh?

In regards to that, the “Senyum” jam-maker had nothing but praise for our locals’ creative skills. “I think it’s cool. I saw a lot of covers of the song on my Instagram before this. It’s creative!” said Najwa in an interview with

“It shows that Malaysians, despite the current situation of having to stay at home for the time being, can produce a masterpiece,” she further added in the chat.

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