Jenelle Evans: Caught Stealing Money From Charity?

Jenelle Evans: Caught Stealing Money From Charity?

Last week, we reported on Jenelle Evans’ latest scheme in her never-ending campaign to avoid getting a real job.

Jenelle joined Cameo, a service that enables fans to purchase personalized video greetings from their favorite celebrities.

Yes, for just the low, low price of $75, you can now become the proud owner of a 20-second shout-out from the former basic cable reality star best remembered for her decade of well-documented bigotry and violence.

At that price, you can’t afford not to do this! (We kid, don’t actually do this.)

Obviously, Jenelle is broke, and she desperately needs the cash.

In fact, her situation is so dire that her dog-murdering husband, David Eason, has also joined Cameo and is charging $49 per clip.

The move didn’t come come as a surprise to anyone who’s been following Jenelle’s “career” — such as it is.

After all, it’s been more than a year since she was fired from Teen Mom 2, and David hasn’t worked in twice as long.

Which is why some fans were so surprised by Jenelle’s initial claim that the money she made on Cameo would all go to charity.

“Hey you guys, so I am going to be on Cameo all day today, all day tomorrow…and if you book me, all the money is going to go to No Kid Hungry Foundation,” Evans said in her introductory video for the site.

“So let’s see how much money we can raise,” she added.

Now, that claim came with a number of caveats:

For starters, Jenelle wasn’t entirely clear about this, but only payments made during her first 36 hours of membership would be donated to charity.

Despite that, she still has her page tagged as “Benefitting No Kid Hungry.”

Additionally, fans dug up a similar promotion from Survivor host Jeff Probst, who also donated his Cameo proceeds to No Kid Hungry.

His page included a disclaimer clarifying that due to operating costs, the charity would not be receiving the 100 percent of the purchase price.

Jenelle’s page featured no such clarification.

But the most damning development of all is this:

Four days after the promotion ended, No Kid Hungry has reportedly not received a dime from Evans.

UK tabloid The Sun caught up with Jenelle this week and inquired as to why the money from her Cameo account has yet to be passed along.

“I ended up getting 5 Cameos booked for charity between April 16-18th,” Evans said.

“When that money gets transferred to my bank account, then I can donate to the No Kid Hungry Foundation,” she added.

Jenelle further clarified that she’s been forced to wait for Cameo to transfer the money to her account, and when that process is complete, she plans to transfer the funds directly to No Kid Hungry.

“It takes a few days for Cameo to send the money,” Evans said.

“I just completed the video requests yesterday.”

To be fair, it’s possible that Jenelle is telling the truth about all of this.

But considering her long history of deceiving the public, it’s no surprise that her critics remain highly skeptical:

“I highly doubt this money is going to be donated to anyone but her and her unemployed swamp monster husband,” one follower tweeted.

“I don’t believe you at all.. The charity will never see any money from you, I think,” another added.

“You know damn well you’re going to keep that money you’re so funny you aren’t even relevant anymore just like you put you are on Teen Mom 2 no more because you didn’t want nobody in your business you’re too funny,” a third chimed in.

Normally, we’d be willing to give the benefit of the doubt to a celeb in this situation — but this is Jenelle we’re talking about.

She’s always lacked scruples, and these days she’s less trustworthy than ever due to her desperate financial situation.

Are the people questioning her motives jumping to conclusions?

Perhaps, but there’s much to be gained and nothing to be lost by holding Evans’ feet to the fire and making sure she actually donates this money — all of this money — to charity, just like she promised.

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