This made my day: Bus captain’s wacky mask delights passengers during CB

This made my day: Bus captain’s wacky mask delights passengers during CB

The circuit breaker may have gotten our spirits down and made us tense as our regular lives take a drastic change, but there have also been some small sparks of joy during this period.

A thoughtful bus captain has brightened up his passengers’ day with an infectious smile — on his face mask, that is.

In a video clip shared on Facebook on Wednesday (April 22), the man was seen sporting a face mask with a bucktooth design.

As the bus waited for the traffic light to turn green, an amused passenger approached the bus driver, asking in Mandarin: “Where did you buy this mask?”

He replied that he bought it in Taiwan.

When the passenger told him that he’d love to get one too, the bus captain chuckled: “Don’t buy this mask, it’ll scare people to death.”

But the rider reassured him: “This is great — it’s service with a smile.”

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The sentiment is echoed by Facebook users, with many commenting that the wacky mask made their day. Several others said they’d like to get similar masks.

Perhaps laughter is indeed the best medicine, as one of them said: “We need this type of people. Someone to ease the tension in the midst of the situation.”

While we cannot return their smiles (everyone’s got to wear a mask while out, after all) now, why not greet them with a “Hi, how are you today?”

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