Crystal Fung Talks About Receiving Illicit Sponsor Offers

Crystal Fung Talks About Receiving Illicit Sponsor Offers

TVB talk show Young and Restless <後生仔傾吓偈> is known for its discussions on bold topics, and in the most recent episode, MC Luk Ho-ming (陸浩明) opened up the table for celebrities to talk about receiving illicit sponsor offers.

When it came to their “asking prices”, cast member Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) shared that she had received an “escort” offer for about $200,000 Hong Kong dollars. The 25-year-old expressed her shock about the price, saying, “I actually thought it’ll be much higher than that.”

Krysella Wong (黃凱儀), on the other hand, said she was contacted by a sponsor who was willing to pay her a five-figure hourly wage. “The person said I didn’t need to do anything except to hang out with his friends and laugh along. He said I could ride the bus with him across the EHC, which would be at least half an hour because of the traffic.”

Crystal then blurted out humorously, “Someone once offered me HK$500 to spend the night with him!”

While Crystal’s tone was light-hearted throughout the discussion, she admitted that receiving a lower sponsor offer than Krysella was a huge hit to her self-esteem. “I don’t get it. We’re both getting five’s, but she has five figures, and I only get five hundred.”

Unfortunately, getting asked for a price was something that Krysella was already familiar with before she joined the entertainment industry. She shared that before her debut, she and a friend used to work at a job that paid around HK$40 an hour. In order to get a dollar raise, her friend was willing to attend “work outs” with her superior.

“She didn’t even care about her boyfriend,” said Krysella. “And all for that extra HK$10 a day.”

“It’s a tragic story,” said Crystal.

Crystal and Krysella are far from being the only artistes confessing to receiving sponsor offers. Miss Hong Kong 2015 winner Louisa Mak (麥明詩) shared on the same show that she was once offered HK$5 million to spend a night with a man. Constance Wong (黃芷欣) shared that someone offered to buy her underwear for HK$3,500 apiece.



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