Charmaine Sheh Didn’t Like Darren Wang’s Remark About Her Age

Charmaine Sheh Didn’t Like Darren Wang’s Remark About Her Age

Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) wasn’t very happy with Darren Wang (王大陸) when he added a little remark about her age.

Appearing together for the mainland Chinese reality show Not a Loner <看我的生活>, where Darren took Charmaine out for a day, the 45-year-old Hong Kong actress took a jab at the 29-year-old actor when he mentioned her age.

The duo were sitting together waiting for their milk tea order. Darren had plans to take Charmaine to an amusement park that day. Speaking about high drops in amusement park rides, Charmaine remarked that men are usually more daring to take on roller coasters. Darren added, “Maybe those who are older are more afraid of dying.”

Darren immediately regretted his outburst and started laughing. Charmaine glared at him and said, “Are you talking about me?” She moved one seat over and said, “I hated it when people talk about age!”

Darren tried to make things up by nervously saying, “It’s not about age. The both of us have to maintain the heart of a child. That’s the only way we can go and have fun.”

Charmaine laughed. “Alright then.”

The duo then changed subjects and talked about marriage. When Darren asked why Hong Kongers tend to get married at a later age, Charmaine immediately looked at the camera crew and said, “Where did you find this guy? All he knows how to do is make me mad!” Charmaine then pretended to leave, with Darren apologizing profusely as he ran after her.

Darren later turned on his sweet mouth and said, “Our birthdays are only a day apart, so you’re only a day older than me.”



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