Crystal Fung Celebrates 26th Birthday with Virgina Lok

Crystal Fung Celebrates 26th Birthday with Virgina Lok

Turning 26 years old on June 10, Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) celebrated her birthday on multiple occasions with friends. The Miss Hong Kong winner even celebrated with TVB executive Virgina Lok (樂易玲), and shared a photo of the two having dinner together. Crystal captioned the photo, “It’s my 26th birthday and my wish is for everyone to be healthy, for everything to go smoothly, and for the pandemic to end soon! Many thanks to Ms. Lok for celebrating my birthday–I’m grateful I am surrounded by many people who love and support me.”

While Crystal may simply be expressing her gratitude towards Ms. Lok, especially at a time when she is surrounded by negative gossip, some interpret Crystal’s gesture as a power play with actress Kaman Kong (江嘉敏). Allegedly having a fallout after attending Arnaldo Ho’s (何猷亨) yacht party, Crystal was wary about Kaman gossiping behind her back. Both hoped to distance themselves from being labeled as gold-diggers and claimed the other knew Arnaldo for a longer time.

As the media magnified the incident, Crystal and Kaman tried to prove their friendship was still intact by hugging each other at a recent TVB event and said they would try to meet up for Crystal’s upcoming birthday despite each other’s busy schedules. Crystal’s birthday came and went, and it seems that she did not meet up with Kaman, but instead celebrated with Ms. Lok.

Signs that Kaman and Crystal are drifting apart can be found on their Instagram Kaman gushed about finding actress Iris Lam (林凱恩) to be a great friend, and posted a photo of the two having dinner together on Tuesday. One day later, Crystal posted about celebrating her birthday with Ms. Lok.

Reacting strongly to Crystal’s latest post, Kaman updated her own Instagram 45 minutes later with what is perceived to be a post mocking Crystal’s actions. Kaman shared a picture of herself covering her mouth while laughing. Mentioning that as people mature, they should learn to be grateful for time, and the actress implied that she will be making less frequent social media updates. Kaman wrote, “Hanging out with friends is better than hiding at home scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. Life needs to have substance in order for you to be happy.” She also added the hashtags “We need balance in our lives”; “We need to constantly improve ourselves”; and “Normal social interaction is very important.”

Netizens are wondering if Kaman’s post was a hidden jab at Crystal for flaunting her good relationship with Ms. Lok. Although the actresses claim that nothing is wrong in their friendship, many netizens believe there is a lot of tension underneath their amicable appearance.

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