Sammi Cheng Shares Her Thoughts About Andy Hui’s Post-Scandal Comeback

Sammi Cheng Shares Her Thoughts About Andy Hui’s Post-Scandal Comeback

Cantopop queen Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) openly shared her thoughts about Andy Hui’s (許志安) first showbiz comeback since his cheating scandal with TVB actress Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) 14 months ago.

Soon to appear in an upcoming episode of Carol Cheng’s (鄭裕玲Do Did Eat <Do姐有問題> to promote her new film with Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍), Sammi was approached by reporters after the studio recording. Reporters urged the singer to answer questions about her husband Andy Hui, who recently made his first public appearance on Viu TV to promote his showbiz comeback.

Sammi with Charlene Choi and “Do Did Eat” cast.

In his Viu TV interview, Andy thanked Sammi for her unwavering support while he was on his hiatus, and that she was the one who gave him the confidence to return to the limelight. In regard to this, Sammi said, “I didn’t give him any special support. Reports have definitely exaggerated this. We all live in the same house after all. We are taking things step by step. Once you step out, you have to face the audience and the world. No matter what, you are responsible for your actions, and that can never be changed. I’ve always left it to him to decide on when to make his return. He had asked me for advice before, and I told him that it is important to take things naturally. If he feels ready, then he is ready.”

Sammi did give Andy some informational advice, however. She told him that it is important to train his voice and practice his songs. After a long time away, one must overcome huge psychological barriers to face the public again. “Now that he is able to overcome this step, I am very happy for him.”

While Sammi did tune in to watch Andy’s first interview, she was not prompted on what Andy would talk about. Instead, she just advised Andy to be as natural and genuine as possible. “Genuinely share your thoughts about the past year so people can understand what you were going through. Just speak from your heart. Leave the rest to God.”

Asking if her relationship with Andy has improved to the next step after this incident, Sammi said, “I don’t know about that, but as husband and wife, it’s important to face struggles together. You don’t want to carry it all by yourself. This is something that we all must learn in a relationship or marriage.”

Pointing out that Sammi must have been in a lot of pressure after the scandal, she said, “I was actually okay. When it happened, I was busy with my concert, so I had no time to be stressed about it. It was when I stopped being busy when I started to prioritize my emotions.”

As for what changed in the past 14 months, Sammi said, “I feel I’ve become a lot more mature. To be honest, my values toward life changed a lot after I started practicing my religion ten years ago. As for Andy, he also changed a lot. As the person standing beside him, I definitely feel that increase in strength, but I think it’s more important to ask the other people around him,—his friends, colleagues, the viewers—about how he changed. He has improved all around.”

She added, “One fall in your life isn’t bad. Life is made up of stages. To change something in your life is painful, but once you look back, you’ll find that it was all worth it. (What has changed the most about Andy?) I feel that he’s become a lot more composed, and he understands what he values the most.”

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