Malaysian actor angry at outrageous electricity bill

Malaysian actor angry at outrageous electricity bill

Actor Saharul Ridzwan is “not sure who to go after” at Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) for his outrageous electricity bills.

On June 17, Saharul posted a photo on Twitter showing his electricity charges from January to June. According to Harian Metro, the actor’s monthly electricity bills rarely exceed RM400 (S$130), which calls into question the accuracy of June’s RM1,144.75 charges.

Saharul, who is currently staying at his parents’ place, said that he has contacted TNB but has not been able to resolve the issue.

“I don’t know who to get mad at – the (phone) operators are just doing their job; I can’t even blame the system because it all comes down to human error. I’m at a dead-end, ” he wrote on Twitter.

The actor later received the bill for his currently uninhabited Cyberjaya residence.

“Even my empty Cyberjaya house was billed? Maybe it’s the PKP ghosts playing ‘disco’ with the switches,” he tweeted sarcastically.

Saharul later apologised for airing his frustrations in public, but netizens were quick to sympathise with the actor. Many commenters also shared that their electricity charges had been unusually high as of late.

Saharul is not the first celebrity to be shocked at skyrocketing TNB bills. Earlier this month, actor Fezrul Khan discovered that he was charged RM1,943.50, prompting him to file a complaint with TNB.

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