Wonder Girls Send Cheeky Warning Message To Hyerim & Shin Min Chul

Wonder Girls Send Cheeky Warning Message To Hyerim & Shin Min Chul

The Wonder Girls (원더걸스) members have reunited together to celebrate Hyerim and Shin Min Chul’s upcoming wedding!

On the recent episode of “Don’t Be Jealous” (부러우면 지는거다), the bride-to-be was delighted by the surprise congratulatory messages from Yubin, Sunmi, Sohee, Sunye, as well as Yeeun.

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In the clip, the trio (minus Sunye and Yeeun) jokingly threatened the Taekwondo athlete that they will search for him if he treat their dear friend poorly. “I’ve been practising my kicking. I will come and kick you if you don’t listen to your wife,” said Yubin. Sunmi then added, “I’m going to wear my black belt and beat the hell out of you!” 

The three of them then proceeded to give their sincere congratulations to the lovebirds, until Sohee suddenly switched the mood by warning him, “You’re in big trouble!” which made everyone bursted into laughter. Yubin, Sohee and Sunmi then changed the atmosphere one again, acting all sentimental. “Why weren’t we this funny in variety shows back then?” remarked the “Full Moon” singer.


Two more members of the “Nobody” hit-makers, Sunye and Yeeun, unfortunately couldn’t join the other members in the video. They also shared their own congratulatory messages to the lovely duo. According to the former, “I always knew that Hyerim would marry after me. Didn’t we talk about that before?”

Sunmi then asked, “Who do you think will be the next one?” The mommy-of-three picked Sohee as the next member to walk down the aisle, to which Yubin hilariously responded by questioning, “So when am I going to get married?” 

Interestingly, the preview for next week’s episode shows the girls – including Min Chul – having a meet up with their former boss, Park Jin Young (JYP). Watch the clip here:

Source: Soompi.

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