Alicia Amin Doesn’t Like People Questioning Her Brother About Her Religion

Alicia Amin Doesn’t Like People Questioning Her Brother About Her Religion

The topic regarding Alicia Amin’s religion is still being talked about among local pakcik and makcik bawang (busybody individuals) even to this day.

This time, the fashion model-turned-actress revealed that even her family members have also become the target of these malicious commentators! Her brother Raja Adam Iskandar was recently dragged into the mess.

Alicia uploaded a few screenshots – including her brother’s Instagram Story and a few hateful replies from local netizens – on her Twitter. “My personal decision to keep my beliefs private don’t sit well with strangers. If my father and family have shown their respect and support for my personal choices, that have nothing to do with anyone else. The problem is the society we live in,” she tweeted, fuelled with anger.

In another thread, the outspoken celeb added, “Y’all can’t say it’s just a question. Why go to my siblings’ page to ask about that? People, feel free to search for my religion on Google. I even received an award for being most searched for ‘Alicia Amin religion’. What the f**k up with everyone’s obsession with my religion?” She also uploaded a snapshot of it on her Instagram Story.

Subsequently, the “Meh Sandar Pada Aku” starlet posted a question on her Instagram that reads, “Do you think it’s okay to keep your religious beliefs private and why?” to ask for her followers’ two cents about the sensitive matter. The response was quite encouraging though. According to Alicia, most of them have pointed out that they don’t have any problem with keeping it sacred.

She further added by questioning, “Why is there a large group of people in our country who feel entitled to this piece of information and are willing to be rude and fight strangers on the internet about it? Is it education? Is it upbringing? Or is it because of exposure to types of media?”  Well, we’ll just leave the public to decide.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Do you agree with Alicia’s stand?

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