Durian Store In PJ Is Hiring Muscular Guys With 6-Pack Abs Open Durians

Durian Store In PJ Is Hiring Muscular Guys With 6-Pack Abs Open Durians

Calling all hunks, there’s currently someone looking to hire guys to show off their 6-pack abs and cut open durians.

DurianMan, which is located at SS2 in Petaling Jaya, recently posted a job ad targeting guys who are easy on the eyes that are willing to show off their bodies. It’s also a given that you shouldn’t be put off by the smell of durian.

Source: Financial Times

The requirements are as follows:

1. Able to communicate with customers in Mandarin or BM or English. Preferably to have at least two languages.

2. Must have experience and skills in handling the durian knife and open the durian in a quick manner. If you are scared, don’t do this!

3. Must stay hygienic at all times. You must not smell stronger than the durians. (In short, no strong body odour.)

4. If you can dance or perform acrobatic stunts while opening durian but in a very safe manner without hurting anyone, you are hired immediately. (Plus points if you have entertainment value.)

5. If you can open durians like a pro, have 6-packs and good looking, you are hired immediately.

Source: IG @awgmalikzaki

Responsibilities include:

  • Won’t get sick of opening durians all day long.
  • Willingness to smile at customers and maintain hygienic.

Working hours is between 11am till 6pm, and monthly salary starts from RM2500. So if you’re short on cash, perhaps this would be appealing to you. For more info, click here.

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