Form 5 Student Was Only Occupied With K-Dramas & Naps During MCO

Form 5 Student Was Only Occupied With K-Dramas & Naps During MCO

Yesterday (Wednesday, 24th June) was the first day where schools nationwide reopened for SPM and STPM candidates following 3 months of closure.

According to Form 5 student Muhammad Fikri Mohd Fauzi, he was ‘thrilled’ to be back at school after so long. His candid replies during an interview session has managed to steal the spotlight among netizens online.

In an interview with Malaysian Gazette, Muhammad Fikri shared, “One week before school reopen, I had already made preparations. I was looking for my school uniform because it’s been awhile since I went to school. I couldn’t find it.” 

Muhammad Fikri also gave a priceless answer when asked about what he did during the movement control order (MCO). According to him, “I watched K-dramas and sleep. As for studying, I prefer to do it at school rather than at home. The internet (at my house) got stuck at times.” 

The interview clip featuring the Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seksyen 7, Shah Alam pupil soon went viral across social media. In this case, a lot of netizens were amused by his hilarious honest answers. Check out some of their reactions here:


“Actually I was just joking. I thought they were going to cut that particular part. I was quite shocked when they released everything that I said. Shortly after the session, I got scolded by my teacher,” Muhammad Aris clarified when contacted by Astro Gempak, in response to the massive amount of reactions received.

He further added, “I’m not a fan of Korean artistes, but I do enjoy watching Korean dramas. Not to say that I’m obsessed, but instead of not doing anything, I just watch it.”


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