This Is What Minzy Thinks About A Possible 2NE1 Reunion

This Is What Minzy Thinks About A Possible 2NE1 Reunion

Gong Min Ji, or better known as Minzy (공민지) is forging a new path for herself as an independent artist.

Following her departure from Music Works in April this year, the 26-year-old singer released her new single “Lovely” in May. She’s also scored a cover spread for the July issue of Nylon magazine.

Source: Nylon

Being an independent artist has its pros and cons – although she’s no longer backed by a major label, Minzy now has full creative control over her art. “Now, I think that I can do everything on my own. I am no longer becoming what someone else wanted me to be. Instead, I think that I found my own path. I’ve become a stronger person,” she told Nylon.

How does she feel after leaving Music Works and YG Entertainment? “I feel like I’ve grown more as a person after going through many incidents and situations,” the K-pop star was quoted as saying.

Of course, the topic of conversation touched on the possible reunion of 2NE1 (투애니원). “The members joke around, saying, ‘Sure, let’s do one before we’re all grandmas’,”the South Korean entertainer quipped, before adding, “If we get the chance, we want to reunite in a cool, 2NE1 way.”

Source: Nylon

Hopefully, 2NE1 will make a comeback in the future.

Source: Soompi.

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