Twogether: 8 Adorable Moments From Lee Seung Gi & Jasper Liu

Twogether: 8 Adorable Moments From Lee Seung Gi & Jasper Liu

“Twogether” (투게더) – or “Tugedeo , We Go Twogether” – sees Lee Seung Gi (이승기) and Jasper Liu (劉以豪) embarking on an amazing adventure in various cities in Asia to meet their fans.

Along the way, the duo develop a genuinely adorable bromance as they travel through various countries. Any initial awkwardness between the two stars is quickly dispelled as they make efforts to learn phrases in each other’s languages and get to know one another better. Developing a friendly and playful relationship, the actors show plenty of bromance in the series.

1. Becoming More Intimate

The morning after the first night of their trip, Jasper says, “Last night was the first time I slept with…” Seung Gi guesses, “With another man?” but Jasper clarifies, “with another celebrity.” They laugh as Jasper explains how he thought they would get separate rooms, but they ended up sharing a room with separate beds.

2. Building Trust

The pair have to walk blindfolded between two trees in an alun-alun to have their wish fulfilled. Seung Gi puts his arm around Jasper and they walk forward together to accomplish their mission. So cute!

3. Showing Affection

After an arduous mission in the sand, Seung Gi acknowledges all the hard challenges Jasper took on. He notices sand on Jasper’s face and gently removes it. It looks like they’re comfortable enough to touch each other’s faces!

4. Holding Hands

Seung Gi and Jasper practice for the show’s original song “Gonna Be Alright.” While Seung Gi has been a singer since he was 17, Jasper is new to playing guitar. Seung Gi helps Jasper with keeping the tempo steady by clapping his hands. Then they practice the tempo while holding hands together.

Awwwww, you have to watch their performance!

5. Variety Rookie Learns From Variety Veteran

Seung Gi has a ton of experience on successful variety shows. This is Jasper’s first time being a cast member of a variety show, but he’s learning quickly from Seung Gi. Jasper tries out being sneaky during a mission, and Seung Gi compliments him on being a good student.

6. Hugs & Concern

For one of the missions, Seung Gi needs to jump off a 15-meter cliff. Jasper feels concerned for Seung Gi and hugs him saying, “You’re my brother. I love you.” The bromance is real guys.

7. Happy Reunion

After traveling to Indonesia and Thailand, the stars return to their home countries for a week and reunite in Nepal. They’re so happy to see each other again! Jasper reveals his mom told him he was sleep talking in English. Seung Gi confesses that it felt a bit weird to sleep alone in Korea after having slept together every night in Indonesia and Thailand.

8. Couple Dancing

Seung-gi and Jasper learn a traditional Nepalese dance at a special restaurant. They try out dancing as a pair. How did they fare? The duo really got into it and were all smiles by the end.

There’s seriously an abundance of bromance moments from “Twogether” not highlighted above. Be sure to watch all the cute and hilarious moments between Lee Seung Gi and Jasper Liu on Netflix.


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