5 Reasons Why Joyce Chu Could Be The First Malaysian To Win CHUANG 2020

5 Reasons Why Joyce Chu Could Be The First Malaysian To Win CHUANG 2020

Joyce Chu (四葉草) is literally one step closer to winning “CHUANG 2020” (创造营 2020) on WeTV. It’s her final sprint to the finish line and we Malaysians need to help her claim her seat on the golden chair!

Joyce Chu, our only Malaysian hope has been consistent in performance since the start of “CHUANG 2020”. Her latest in ranking has progressed from #33 to#11 to #8! All she needs now is to be in any ranking between #1 to #7 to achieve her dream of being part of the international all-girl band.

Here are 5 reasons why Joyce Chu could win:

1. Her personality and talent is the main reason for her success so far.

Joyce Chu is already a winner in our books thanks to her humble, sweet nature and most importantly her talent. She composes songs to win hearts and her angelic voice is able to move the audience, coaches and her competition every single time. Now, that is sheer talent!

2. She is a firm favourite.

The live audience, Malaysians and her fans from all over Asia have been voting for her. In the last few episodes, she truly captured the votes as she has soared up to position #8 this week. This is not an easy feat as “CHUANG 2020” started with 101 trainees who were all super-talented and ambitious.

3. She is beyond good…she’s exceptional.

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「关于努力这件事情 只要努力,一定会有机会」 谢谢各位创始人们的支持非常开心感动❤️ 离总决赛越来越近了!接下来也请继续支持 腾讯创造营2020朱主爱✨✨✨ 期待带给大家更多百变小草? 团结一心!大家必须全部加入打投组 送草草出道? 更多详细投票资讯加入 FB 「JoyceChu四葉草❤草草軍團」 为朱主爱撑腰~??? ??? http://t.cn/A6AVSL6w #CHUANG2020 Joyce dengan aksi beliau yang bertenaga di dalam persembahan Focus Cam “Sing It Once Every Morning”. ? Saksikan Joyce menghangatkan pentas dan teruskan menyokong dengan mengundi beliau hanya di aplikasi @WeTVMalaysia! #WeTVMalaysia #CHUANG2020 Joyce’s got her energetic style on with her ‘Sing It Once Every Morning’ FOCUS CAM performance ? Check how she lit the stage and support her by voting on @wetvmalaysia app! #WeTVMalaysia

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Week after week, Joyce unleashed different sides and styles of performances. The Johor-born singer truly showed off her vocal chops and entertaining credentials with her impressive performance of “Sing It Once Every Morning” that got heads turning. She once again proved her versatility to the audience and fans. They rewarded her performance by getting her to her first ever single digit ranking in the show.

4. She has impressed the tough and experienced coaches.

As former members of EXO band, Lu Han and Zitao, former band leader of f(X) band, Victoria Song and the winner of the all-male singing competition “The Coming One”, Mao Buyi, they are all equipped with vast experience in the music industry, especially on the international stage. Joyce has managed to wow the coaches in every evaluation process from the training room to the stage!

5. She truly knows what it takes to survive in the intense entertainment industry.

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朱主爱写给自己的一封信: 「我写 成长总是不容易,这些你都知道, 努力不一定会被看到,这些你也知道, 当我看到很多人在光环之下, 而你站在边角,你告诉自己 我的时间还没到。 我很庆幸你是你 也觉得你始终坚信自己的道路原则很棒, 人气名利会让人眼花, 只有听清自己的声音最重要。 这样的你开始被创始人看到了, 这是你最大的回报,以后也会有更多创始人陪着你。 做个善良的人,做个积极向上 坚守自己想法理念的人,做个感恩的人, 只要坚持就是你的。 小草上 #努力的奇迹#在于对梦想的坚持 #创造营2020 最后一周冲起来 非常谢谢各位努力为朱主爱撑腰支持的创始人们, 非常感谢?❤️ 07/04本周六,创造营总决赛即將到来 ✨腾讯创造营2020朱主爱✨ 已开启撑腰通道了??? 团结一心!加入打投组 送草草出道? 更多详细投票资讯加入脸书 「JoyceChu四叶草❤草草军团」 为朱主爱撑腰~???? ??? http://t.cn/A6AVSL6w #腾讯视频创造营2020

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She is best known for her viral songs “Malaysia Chabor” and “I Miss You” that made her an internet sensation. Within a short span of time since 2014, Joyce has collaborated with popular composers and performed many catchy tunes. She has acted in a couple of Taiwanese and Thai productions to expand her repertoire.

In 2019, she collaborated with Joe Flizzow for a mall opening campaign in Johor. The campaign spearheaded by both Johor superstars, have resulted in the winning of two awards in APPIES Malaysia Marketing Campaign Awards 2020 announced recently. Her excellent music background is the driving force for her determination to join the super competitive “CHUANG 2020”.

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:你们写给我信的一字一句 在每个半夜里 都是支撑我的力量,谢谢你们。 因为有了各位创始人日以继夜撑腰朱主爱, 终于我们闯进总决赛 非常感谢大家❤️ 「努力还有另一个代名词 叫奇迹」 这一次朱主爱想跟各位创始人们再往前迈一大步! 加油!快抵达了??? 请撑腰腾讯创造营朱主爱? 腾讯创造营2020总决赛 于7月4日晚间20:00正式直播 让我们共同创造奇迹? 快到@wetvmalaysia上撑腰朱主爱❤️ ?已开启撑腰通道? 团结一心!大家必须全部加入打投组 送草草出道? 更多详细投票资讯加入 脸书“JoyceChu四叶草❤草草军团” 为朱主爱撑腰~???? Because of you, Joyce made it to the final 15. One more step for Joyce, and she would like to take this step with you. Please support Joyce on the final of CHUANG 2020, this July 4th. Together, we make miracle happens. Vote Joyce on @wetvmalaysia apps! Kerana anda, Joyce kini antara 15 finalis CHUANG 2020. Hanya satu lagi tangga untuk digelar juara dan Joyce berhasrat untuk membawa anda bersama perjuangan beliau. Mari kita sama-sama menyokong Joyce di pentas AKHIR CHUANG2020, 4 Julai ini. Bersama kita mencipta sejarah! Undi Joyce di aplikasi @wetvmalaysia sekarang! @wetvenglish

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If she wins one of the 7 spots, she will be signed under the giant China entertainment company, Wajijiwa Entertainment.

Fellow Malaysians, you can make it happen. With all the chaos that has hit us over the past few months, this is the bright spark and good news we can actually make happen by voting via the WeTV app.

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