FNC Responds To AOA Seolhyun’s Smoking Disturbance Controversy

FNC Responds To AOA Seolhyun’s Smoking Disturbance Controversy

Yikes! AOA’s Seolhyun (설현) has landed in hot water after an old broadcast about her alleged bad behaviour was brought up recently.

E Channel programme “Brave Journalist” previously reported back in 2016 that a girl group member caused disturbance at a hotel in Thailand. Word has it that she was lighting a cigarette indoors, which set off the fire alarm, forcing all the guests to evacuate.

Sources: Instagram, Koreaboo

According to the reporter, the idol has “a pure appearance, a slender figure and a good personality. Not to mention that her group also has a large number of male fans.” They further claimed that despite her innocent appearance, she frequently smokes and curses.

The reporter also spilled, “When the hotel staff confronted the girl group member, she blatantly responded that she didn’t know it was a non-smoking area. The staff for the advertisement filming ended up revealing the members’ identity and resolved the issue; apologising in her place.”

“She was also late to shoot the commercial because she was busy taking selfies. The advertisement company had no choice but to sign another contract with her because she’s famous,” they added. Soon after the news came to light, netizens were speculating on the identity of the idol based on the description, which linked to the “Heart Attack” singer.

Source: @sh_9513

In response to that, AOA’s label FNC Entertainment has step forward to shut down the false reports surrounding Seolhyun. In the official statement, the company also plans to take legal action against the culprit who spread the news.

Source: Jazmine Media.

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