Johor Prince TMJ Shares Useful Tips On How He Lost 22kgs

Johor Prince TMJ Shares Useful Tips On How He Lost 22kgs

If you’ve been following Tunku Mahkota Johor (TMJ) Tunku Ismail Idris on Instagram, you will surely notice the significant difference in his physic recently.

In speaking to Harian Metro about the impressive achievement of losing up to 22kgs, TMJ revealed that the key to his success is to practise proper diet as well as diligent exercise. Interestingly, he has not taken any supplements throughout the process!

Source: YouTube

“The most important thing is the diet that includes 70% and 80% (of the plan) other than consistent exercise. I also consume juice, vegetables and fruits every morning,” he shared in the chat. He further revealed that he only used a small amount of space to work out.

The former Football Association Malaysia (FAM) president then explained that his exercise routine only takes about 20 minutes and does not require him to spend hours in the gym. “I like to do various cardio workout sets. These exercises take up to 1-minute and 20 seconds for each set,” TMJ was quoted as saying.

During the chat, TMJ also revealed his plan to open a gymnasium for the public. “One day I will open my own health centre for the public to encourage everyone to exercise. I want to promote a healthy lifestyle for the people of Johor – that is the future agenda of JDT (Johor Darul Takzim),” he told the news outlet.

Source: Harian Metro.


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