Kevin Cheng & Grace Chan Reveal Newborn Baby’s Face

Kevin Cheng & Grace Chan Reveal Newborn Baby’s Face

Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Grace Chan (陳凱琳) have welcome another baby boy and his name is Yannick.

The sweet couple unveiled the news yesterday (Monday, 3rd August) and debuted the tiny tot’s photos on their respective social media. Grace also shared that little Yannick had arrived earlier than expected.

Source: IG

In speaking to Oriental Daily News, the 29-year-old Hong Kong beauty said:

The baby was born on 27th July. The baby and I are already at home safe and sound. So far, everyone seems to be getting along well. Raphael (their first son) is being a really good big brother. He’s good helper and will help me look out for the baby. I was a bit more mentally prepared this time compared to my first pregnancy. My mood is also much better. 

In short, everything went smoothly. Thank you everyone for your blessings. I will be taking a much needed rest. I hope everyone stays safely at home too. Try your best not to go out unnecessarily. As for me, I’ll be undergoing my confinement period to nourish my body back. Thank you again for your concern.”

Kevin, who is stoked at the arrival of his newborn, also shared some fun details about the infant. “Second son looks like my wife – nose is high, face is sharp. He’s better off looking like my wife. The important thing is his health and happiness,” the 51-year-old Hong Kong actor-singer added.


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