Covid-19: MoH Releases Infographic Of The Sivagangga Cluster

Covid-19: MoH Releases Infographic Of The Sivagangga Cluster

Due to the negligence of a few individuals, new clusters have emerged in the country these past few weeks. At the forefront is, of course, the Sivagangga cluster.

So far, Kedah, Perlis and Penang have been linked to the Sivagangga cluster with an accumulative of 45 people being infected by Covid-19. The Health Ministry (MoH) released a graph on the number of people the 57-year-old has infected so far.

Source: MoH


Here’s a timeline of the Covid-19 patient’s spread chain up to the 3rd generation:

  • 13th July – Returned from India.
  • 28th July – Ignores home quarantine and visited his restaurant.
  • 28th July – Spreads the disease to his son and 4 workers.
  • 31st July – 2 customers from the restaurant contracted Covid-19.
  • 1st August – 60-year-old woman linked to 2nd generation of the Sivagangga cluster.
  • 2nd August – 2nd generation cluster: 11 more people tested positive including 4 kids (aged 2 to 10).
  • 3rd August – 64-year-old customer tested positive.
  • 5th August – 3 women tested positive; linked to 2nd generation cluster.
  • 6th August – 6 more tested positive for Covid-19.
  • 9th August – Another 2 more cases from a 3rd generation of the Sivagangga cluster.

Yesterday (Sunday, 9th August), Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah revealed that 2 new Covid-19 clusters have emerged in Perak and Putrajaya.

To avoid another episode of the Movement Control Order (MCO), let’s all be responsible and do our part in the fight against Covid-19.

Source: KKM’s Twitter.

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