Kedah Woman Followed Husband To Nightclub To Ensure He Wasn’t Cheating

Kedah Woman Followed Husband To Nightclub To Ensure He Wasn’t Cheating

A Malaysian woman and her husband were among those who were detained at a nightclub raid in Langkawi, Kedah over the weekend for violating the restricted movement control order (RMCO).

After being interrogated, she admitted to visiting the nightclub, fearing that her husband has another woman. Worse, they even left their 4 sons aged between 4 to 16 all alone at home.


Source: Harian Metro

During the raid, the woman told the cops that she wanted to “feel the aura” of the nightclub, apart from keeping an eye on her husband from having an affair with other female club-goers. She even volunteered herself to go the club despite being aware of the risk.

Harian Metro reported that the woman had discovered her husband’s previous fling with a woman in the club. Since then, she refused to trust him. She said, “This is the 3rd time I’m following him drinking during the MCO even though I don’t drink myself.”

“He never used to drinking alcohol. But lately, he’s been doing it quite frequently. Maybe he has problems at his office that he never told me about. Only God knows how I feel but I have no choice,” the lady was quoted as saying.

The 40-year-old couple, in addition to 27 other individuals were compounded for RM1,000 each for disobeying the aforementioned rule.

Source: Harian Metro.

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