Sensitive Malaysian Navy Documents Hacked & Leaked On Dark Web

Sensitive Malaysian Navy Documents Hacked & Leaked On Dark Web

The Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM) has been hacked and approximately 70 documents from the military have reportedly ended up on a Dark Web portal.

As per Singapore daily The Straits Times, these information were accumulated from several sources that “hacked into military personnel’s email accounts”. However, it is not known whether the person responsible intents to sell or simply to leak the data.

Source: MMO, Shafwan Zaidon

The publication also reported that the following documents were leaked:

  • The number of troops at some Malaysian naval and army bases last year during a holiday.
  • Requirements for naval examination.
  • Senior and junior officials of the Malaysian navy found guilty of corruption.
  • Officials taking drugs and being absent without leave.

In addition, the leaked data also included a US diplomatic letter about “a US Navy ship’s radar equipment and frequencies used when it asked for the ship to be docked at a port in Sabah” that took place in August 2019.

The Straits Times also added that The Royal Malaysian Navy has been made aware of this issue but refused to comment on it. While this may come across as shocking to us, security and intelligence experts revealed that such data breaches “were not uncommon”.

Cyber Intelligence House CEO Mikko Niemela explained that the reason why sensitive documents usually appear in “specialised” markets or forums like a Dark Web is to protect the anonymity of buyers and sellers.

Sources: Malay MailFMT.


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