Moses Chan Reveals “Dad Bod” on Family Beach Day

Moses Chan Reveals “Dad Bod” on Family Beach Day


Moses Chan (陳豪自) impressed in Death by Zero <殺手>, training hard to acquire a muscular and toned physique for his assassin role. In the drama, Moses’ bulging muscles were clearly noticeable even through his clothing. Staying in the same shape as how he looked in Death by Zero, which was filmed more than two years ago, was difficult though. While spotted out at the beach with his family recently, the 49-year-old actor has visibly gained weight and is sporting a dad bod.

Enjoying the weather and beach with his wife, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), and their three children, Moses was seen parading around in colorful red swim shorts. He first rowed in a water raft, and then dived into the water, and eventually persuaded his children —AidenNathan, and Camilla— to join for a family swim. The siblings seem to get along very well, as they were seen sharing and playing with one another without any bickering.

Although Aimee has semi-retired from the screen to focus on her family, the mother-of-three worked hard to maintain her figure and she looked fit in a green bikini on the family beach day.

Sharing a series of photos on her social media, Aimee happily wrote, “Saw a near empty beach and quickly popped downstairs for a quick swim, and finally made it for the first time to the raft. Counting our blessings and so grateful to finally have family time with Moses during this time.”

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