MCO 2.0 SOP: Personal Vehicles Not Allowed To Deliver Goods

MCO 2.0 SOP: Personal Vehicles Not Allowed To Deliver Goods

Now that the Movement Control Order (MCO 2.0) is in full effect in 6 states across Malaysia, the public must follow the standard operating procedure (SOP) or risk getting slapped with a RM1000 fine.

Having said that, there are still some confusion when it comes to certain SOP details. For example, are we allowed to use our personal vehicles to deliver goods during this partial lockdown?

Source: LalaMove via Vulcan Post

As you may know, individuals are only allowed to travel out to locations within a 10km radius to purchase groceries and necessities. Only a maximum of 2 passengers are allowed to be in the same vehicle and they must be from the same household.

For questions concerning parcel hailing, check out the following SOPs (via The Star) by the Transport Ministry below:

Q: Am I allowed to use personal vehicles for the delivery service of goods throughout the MCO period?

A: As stated under the Land Public Transport Act 2010 and the Road Transport Act 1987, all commercial services vehicles must have an operators’ licence and must be registered as a commercial vehicle before they are allowed to operate.

Therefore, private vehicles are not allowed to be used as a commercial vehicle – either for their own business or a third party (for rental/payment) if they are not licensed or pre-registered.

Source: China Press

Q: Are vehicles carrying goods allowed to operate during the MCO period?

A: Although the operation of e-commerce is allowed 24 hours, the delivery time will only be allowed between 6am and midnight, subject to orders by the National Security Council.

The operation time and type of goods that can be delivered is subject to the zones set by the National Security Council and other current regulations instructed by the body.

Further MCO 2.0 queries or reports can be lodged at the WhatsApp number 019-290 7723 or via email [email protected]

Source: The Star.

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