Actor Azhar Sulaiman’s Daughter Criticised Over Provocative Post On Social Media

Actor Azhar Sulaiman’s Daughter Criticised Over Provocative Post On Social Media

For those who don’t know, Malaysian actor Azhar Sulaiman has a daughter named Kasih Iris Leona, who has always been the centre of attention among local netizens on social media.

The 19-year-old social media star stole the spotlight after she showed her 65k followers on Twitter her bold new hairstyle over the weekend.

Apart from commenting on her striking hairdo, some netizens pointed out their concerns towards Kasih’s choice of clothing, which was deemed too revealing by the public. In this case, many of them flooded the replies space by advising her to dress more appropriately in a modest outfit.

The criticisms didn’t stop there guys!

A few commentators on social media also put the blame on Kasih’s parents for not guiding their child in accordance to proper Islamic teachings. Twitter user @TerpalingSuci remarked, “Didn’t the parents reprimanded her for dressing up like that? This is way too sexy, she even beat the Kafirs (those who doesn’t believe in religion).” For those interested, check out some of their thoughts here:

Refusing to stay silent, the “Trauma” actor later took to his Facebook page to address the latest controversy involving his child. “So today Kasih got criticised again, and it also included me who got blasted for not educating her to be ‘islamic’. But do you have kids?” Azhar clapped back at the internet trolls.

Additionally, Azhar also stated that faith should not be measured or judged through a person’s choice of outfits. He even accompanied his statement by providing several situational examples in response to the criticisms. “Each of us have our own setbacks and challenges in our lives,” the father of two kids wrote.

Read what he said here:

What do you guys think?

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