K-pop Fans Slam M’sian Man For Spitting On BLACKPINK Lisa’s Face

K-pop Fans Slam M’sian Man For Spitting On BLACKPINK Lisa’s Face

Uh-oh, looks like someone’s in trouble for messing with K-pop fans!

A video went viral on Twitter recently, showing a man spitting on a bottle of Pepsi carbonated drink, with BLACKPINK member Lisa (리사)’s face printed on it. Although this took place at a local 7-Eleven store, the exact location of the incident wasn’t revealed in detail.

In the 10-second long clip taken from TikTok, the guy could be seen uttering nasty remarks about the Thai starlet, when he called her a “plastic” singer. “Do you guys want to know what beverage is this? This is called the ‘Plastic Drink’,” he said, prior to spitting on the water container and putting it back in the fridge.

As a result of the immoral act, many enraged netizens have called upon the authorities to take action against him. Some of them argued that he had not only flouted the MCO 2.0 SOPs by not wearing his face mask properly, he could be spreading the Covid-19 virus to the public!


Fans of the 4-piece girl group (known as BLINKs) also didn’t react too kindly to the viral clip. A lot of die-hard supporters came forth to put the Malaysian guy on blast over his disrespectful behaviour towards their beloved idol.

To quote one commentator on social media, “It’s nonsense to know that a lot of Malays out there are hating on K-pop artists. Why do they dislike them so much? Did these idols even disturbed them in the first place?” seemingly baffled by the shocking incident.

Check out some of the reactions that we got from Twitter below:


Based on a netizen’s finding on Instagram, the culprit has since set his page to private mode, presumably to avoid from being further attacked by Lisa’s fans.

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