Pakho Chau to Star in “Forensic Heroes 5”

Pakho Chau to Star in “Forensic Heroes 5”

Last year’s Forensic Heroes 4 received an average rating of 36.3 points and the finale reached a high of 39.6 points. This broke the record for the highest-rated series in seven years. Striking the iron while it is hot, TVB plans to film the fifth installment in September with Pakho Chau (周柏豪) headlining the drama.

With many aspirations for his career aside from music, Pakho has been steadily strengthening his acting repertoire. For his performance in Wonder Women <多功能老婆>, Pakho won the Most Popular Male Character award at the 2019 TVB Awards ceremony. As Forensic Heroes 5 will be a collaboration with Youku, this will further expand Pakho’s presence in the Chinese market.

Previously, there was a lot of speculation as to how Pakho and fellow artistes’ status at Voice Entertainment would be affected after Eric Tsang (曾志偉) taking over music production. While Eric has since extended the olive branch to the three biggest record labels in Hong Kong, he promised that Voice Entertainment artistes would be given the same opportunities as other record label artistes. It is said that Pakho’s status as Big Brother is stable and he will be given the highly-coveted leading role in Forensic Heroes 5.

As Forensic Heroes has always been an important franchise for TVB, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) are invited to star in the new drama. Both actresses have actually filmed for the first and second series respectively. Linda had filmed Children’s Hospital <兒科醫生> last year, while Charmaine’s last TVB appearance was a cameo role in 2018’s My Ages Apart <誇世代>.



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