Taiwan model won’t apologise to Show Lo over sexual harassment claims

Taiwan model won’t apologise to Show Lo over sexual harassment claims

Show Lo and Lu Ya-hsi.
Instagram/showlo and Instagram/pinkcat032

Taiwanese model Lu Ya-hsi  said on Sunday (March 7) that she won’t apologise to Show Lo who reportedly sued her for defamation.

Speaking in a charity event, she said: “This conversation was real. There was really a person who called himself Show Lo on WeChat texting me. I didn’t fake it. If he has doubts, he should seek legal action.”

Lo reportedly contacted Lu through a mediator over the issue to stress that he didn’t chat with her. The mediator, however, asked her to apologise for her claims, which she thought was inappropriate.

She said: “Whether this middleman is his friend or crazy fan, I have safety concerns.”

Asked about Lo’s comeback on YouTube, she said: “Everyone respects his professionalism and his excellent dancing skills. In fact, everyone should encourage him to come back. He is very persistent, which shows that he is very keen on his career. ”

Lo’s career has taken a negative spin since 2020 after his ex-girlfriend Grace Chow revealed his chaotic sex life.

Amid the scandal, Lu then claimed that Lo sent her dirty text messages and asked her to accompany him to Europe. In response to her allegations, the singer then decided to sue her and ask for an apology.

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