Cathryn Li Uploads Photo Of Attempted Suicide Due To Cyberbullying

Cathryn Li Uploads Photo Of Attempted Suicide Due To Cyberbullying

This past week has not been easy on Cathryn Li (李元玲). Following her outburst at the “正面交鋒 FaceTalk” show, she’s been facing an influx of criticism from the public.

Even local film producer Jack Lee Kok Heng publicly stated that the beautiful influencer had been quite unprofessional during their experience on past projects, making it very hard to work with her.

It seems like the backlash has taken a toll on Cathryn. Earlier today, followers were alarmed when she uploaded a shocking photo of neck with bloodstains on it. In an attempt to commit suicide, she had tied a wire and tried to hang herself. But the wire broke because it was too thin.

It takes courage to end my life, and it takes courage to live, because my every move is constant,” she wrote. She goes on to express how it’s unfair that everyone expects perfection out of her when she’s only human and prone to mistakes. In addition, the “tsunami-like hate” over the past few days have simply been unbearable.

The Instagram post was deleted shortly after.


Although some called her a “drama queen” for wanting more attention, many more were concern for her mental health and advised her to take a hiatus from social media. Although the internet is instrumental in our daily lives, it can also be a toxic hellhole.

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