Man Slapped With RM10k Compound For Not Scanning MySejahtera QR Code

Man Slapped With RM10k Compound For Not Scanning MySejahtera QR Code

In case you missed it, the compound fee for not complying to the Covid-19 SOPs has been increased from RM1,000 to up to RM10,000 effective yesterday (Thursday, 11th March).

During the same day itself, one man felt the wrath of the recent implementation, as he was slapped with the hefty fine during his visit to a restaurant in Bukit Jalil.

For what reason he was compounded, you ask? As seen in the photo of the letter of summon shared on the Facebook page of Info Roadblock JPJ/Polis, the individual “failed to scan the MySejahtera QR code in addition to flouting CMCO SOPs.” Additionally, the man is required to pay the compound by or on 12th April 2021.

The news was met with widespread reactions left by local netizens out there. Many argued it’s considered appropriate for the authorities to issue the compound, especially for those who have been stubborn in flouting the SOPs. Nurizal bin Zakaria Rizal commented, “Thousands of people have died during this pandemic. It’s necessary to do that for the community to be aware of the importance of the SOPs.”


Not long after the story about the man came to light, Cheras district police chief, ACP Mohamed Mokhsein Mohamed Zon, confirmed that the individual was issued with the RM10,000 compound for violating CMCO SOPs. According to the police official, the person did not register his details at a restaurant he visited in Bukit Jalil.

He said that a compliance operation task force carried out an inspection at the restaurant at 6:55pm. “The task force has issued a compound on an individual for not scanning the MySejahtera app or registering his details manually on the registration book prepared. A compound of RM10,000 was issued on those who violated the SOP in accordance with the Emergency Ordinance,” the police chief shared.

Read his full press statement here:


Meanwhile, Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador assured that they will only enforce the compound on repeated, stubborn offenders. He further clarified that the RM10k for violating SOPs is not a blanket penalty.

According to Abdul Hamid, the decision to increase the value of the compound to RM10,000 was not to punish the public excessively or allow the government to collect money from them. “(But) it’s simply to raise awareness among the public that the virus is still everywhere, in case we forget. If the MCO that was imposed since a month ago is not complied with, the situation will only get worse,” he said during a press conference held at the federal police headquarters in Bukit Aman yesterday.

He further added that all fines related to SOP breaches issued will show an amount of RM10,000 on the summons, as this is part of the officer’s responsibility to write down the maximum compound offered for such offences. “Ultimately, the person issued with the fine will then have two weeks to settle it, where the final amount will be decided by the district health officer at their respective district health offices,” Abdul Hamid was quoted as saying.


“So it is not a case of you automatically being required to pay RM10,000 once you receive the fine. These amounts are ultimately at the district health officer’s discretion. The police are not out to punish anyone, or issue fines and collect money on behalf of the government. We are just the messengers who enforce the law and issue the fine,” Abdul Hamid said in the conference.

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