Izara Aishah Wonders Why TV Productions Are Hiring Influencers; Zed Zaidi Suggests Celebs To Receive Early Vaccination

Izara Aishah Wonders Why TV Productions Are Hiring Influencers; Zed Zaidi Suggests Celebs To Receive Early Vaccination

Malaysian starlet Izara Aishah took to her Twitter recently to air her thoughts on the increasing number of social media personalities in the acting industry.

“A lot of Insta-famous people have become actors (nowadays). The TV production is getting little to no budget because of Covid-19 is it?” the 29-year-old questioned.


The “Jodoh-Jodoh Annisa” actress added in another tweet, “Some of them are not even interested to act. During my time, we had to go for auditions. Our passion is really to become an actor. We studied performing arts to get into the industry. The effort we put in is nothing like how it is now.”

At the time of writing (Thursday, 18th March), Izara’s post has gained up to 9.000 retweets on Twitter. In this case, a lot of netizens have been expressing their agreements regarding the matter. They argued that some of them rely solely on their appearances rather than their talent as an actor.

Additionally, there are also those who pointed out that their popularity as an influencer prompted television stations to sign them in as an attempt to attract the audience to watch the product. For those interested, read some of their thoughts here:


In another news, the president of the Malaysian Artistes Association (Seniman), Zed Zaidi, recently called for the government to consider giving the Covid-19 vaccine injections to local celebrities first. As stated by the former actor himself, these public figures have a huge influence that needs to be utilised in spreading about the benefits the vaccines.

Zed told mStar, “If we look at foreign countries (such as Indonesia), many of them have been taking advantage and have been using the celebrities’ influence to help in sharing the benefits of vaccination to the public. In my opinion, the government should do the same here.”

“Seniman is willing to work with the government to be the frontliner to help in raising awareness about the Covid-19 vaccination campaign through the artistes’ social media pages. If the government does not make use of the influence that these celebs have, it will be a loss,” he continued in the chat.


In addition, Zed (full name Rozaidi Jamil) also requested the government to loosen the standard operating procedure (SOP) for swab tests which had to be done many times by celebrities. According to him, “We receive a lot of complaints from artists, especially actors, where they have to undergo screening procedure several times.

“If they landed numerous offers, they had to do the swab test numerous times,” Zed further revealed. “Some even said that they grew fed up of going through the procedure many times, and it’s hard for them to get a job nowadays.”


“If they’ve already been vaccinated, there’s no need for them to do a swab test frequently every time they receive job offers. You can also save costs from there, do you think it doesn’t hurt getting your nose pricked many times?” Zed commented.

Do you agree with the two celebs’ points here?

Sources: TwittermStar.

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