Malaysian Actor Hero Tai Seems To Have A Preference For Foreign Beauties

Malaysian Actor Hero Tai Seems To Have A Preference For Foreign Beauties

When starting a new relationship, most couples prefer to keep it on the down-low until it’s more established. Unfortunately, celebrities don’t have the same luxury sometimes.

Malaysian actor Hero Tai or Tai Zu Xiong (戴祖雄) was photographed with Jana, whose real name is Tatiana Marchyshyna, a Ukrainian model while on a date. The duo went out for dinner before spending 3 hours together at a motel.


Tai moved to Taiwan to pursue his acting career and has stayed there for 9 years now. Known for his cheerful personality and dashing good looks, he has starred in several films and hosted a few shows. He met Jana on “WTO Sisterhood” and have known each other for more than a year now, thanks to the show.

When asked what she knew of the new relationship, Tai’s agent Maggie has this to say: “It’s normal for artists to date, and the company wishes them well.” She confirmed the duo are interested in one another. Tai’s previous girlfriend was Annie, a Russian who hosted “Just Love Taiwan”. Maggie did not comment on Tai’s interest in international beauties, but she did mention Tai usually spoke English with them. “Now that the news is out, I don’t know what the future will be like,” she admitted. Apparently, the couple are both nervous about their relationship being exposed.

Surprisingly, Tai talked about their budding relationship on 17th March. He accepted an interview from ETtoday Starlight Cloud after recording the “Women I’m the Biggest” video for TVBS. Apparently, the duo had been photographed on their first date, which made the actor very shy. He recounted leaving in a taxi after realising they were being photographed by the media. Tai said that was his “first fierce battle” with Jana and wasn’t expecting to be photographed by Mirror Weekly.


We wish the couple well and hope they enjoy their next date peacefully!

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