Interview: Lee Hyun Wook Wants To Do Black Comedy After “She Would Never Know”

Interview: Lee Hyun Wook Wants To Do Black Comedy After “She Would Never Know”

Ever since Lee Hyun Wook (이현욱) made his TV debut in 2014 in “3 Days”, the 36-year-old has been slowly climbing up the ladder to lead role status.

In “She Would Never Know” (선배, 그 립스틱 바르지 마요), we see the actor taking on the role of ambitious marketing team director Lee Jae-shin. During this interview, Lee Hyun Wook recalled the most upsetting part about his character and playing a villain.

1. You are playing an office worker in the drama. What’s the most charming trait about your character?

Rather than charming, it is in a way, driven by the desire of human beings, I think it’s a character that anyone under materialism has thought about at least once in their imagination.

2. Can you share your role in this drama with us?

In some ways, Lee Jae-shin is the most conflicting and narrative character in the drama. He awakens due to his childhood memories, he is a character who only looks forward to success. Therefore, he hurts himself without knowing it.

3. What made you decide to accept this role in “She Would Never Know”?

Rather than offering an appearance, I met with the production team for the first time through an audition and meeting. They were such good people and they trusted me a lot. I was lucky to work with these people.

4. Your character tends to hide his pain in the drama. Do you think you’re similar to Lee Jae-shin in that sense?

I don’t usually say that I’m having a (seriously) hard time and I try to solve it by myself. I don’t like (causing) depression or stagnation, so I try to keep my mood from becoming an attitude. Maybe these aspects are similar to Jae-shin.

5. Were there any unforgettable moments during the shoot? Were there many NG takes?

At that time, I was (so) busy filming that I (am not sure), but I think I relied on a lot and worked happily on this kind and warm scene. Now that I think about it, every moment was warm and unforgettable for me.

6. According to the first week’s broadcast, Lee Jae-shin hid his engagement and secretly dated Song-ah for 2 years. Were you angry with the character when you read the script? What would you like to say if you could say something to Lee Jae-shin?

Regardless of the reason, deceiving my lover itself not only (makes me) angry, (it) also (shows that I am) a bad guy. The most (upsetting) thing about the character Lee Jae-shin was his actions after (Song-ah discovered his marriage which he kept secret from her). But, on the other hand, he really loved Song-ah, so he thought it would have been harder to (tell her), so I want to say that he is a sad piece of trash.

7. What is the most interesting scene which you’d like to share with viewers from the drama?

Perhaps it is the part where Hyun-seung and Song-ah’s hearts are shared with each other. It’s a moment (which is the) core and starting point and our destination of our drama.

8. As the drama is based on a novel, people might have certain expectation of each character before the drama. Do you have any tips on making your depiction of the character shine through? 

In a way, the existing character was more (like a plot device). However, in the drama, the production crew and the author made Lee Jae-shin (a character with a narrative) rather than a consumable character. (It’s a pity), although I don’t think Song-ah and Hyun-sueng are a perfect match, I tried to be faithful to the script in order to portray (a more humane character).

9. Rather than a romantic comedy, it seems that this drama shows a more mature romance. What makes the love story special compared to other dramas? 

It seems that both straightforward and fairy-tale parts coexist, so it seems more mature than (other types of) romance we knew before. Rather than conclude that it is a simple love story, it is better to think that it has expanded and deeply draws (from) human relationships and love.

10. From zombies and soldiers to Lee Jae-shin, you have played a wide range of characters. Are there any dream roles that you would like to try next?

Rather than playing a dream role, (these days) I want to try black comedy. Rather than (settling down with) something, I want to continue to try and challenge new acting (roles) and do everything if there are interesting characters.


“She Would Never Know” is streaming on all iQiyi platforms.

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