Xiao Zhan Calls Out Sisheng Fans Less Than a Week After Wang Zhuocheng Did the Same

Xiao Zhan Calls Out Sisheng Fans Less Than a Week After Wang Zhuocheng Did the Same

The toxic sisheng fans (stalkers) are at it again. Xiao Zhan who skyrocketed to fame after The Untamed has experienced many ups and downs in his rise to popularity. Many are happy to hear that the actor who was recently announced as the lead of the costume drama Yu Gu Yao is back filming again. Unfortunately, it seems that he has run into trouble with some “fans” as he calls out their actions on social media. Incidentally, his former The Untamed co-star Wang Zhuocheng had a similarly frustrating experience less than a week ago.

On April 5, Xiao Zhan wrote on Weibo, “I said this in 2016, hope to better meet each other only in officially disclosed public events. Please don’t follow the filming crew, don’t follow the car nor the plane. Chasing our car on the highway or deliberately slowing down to block our car is very dangerous! Don’t knock on my door in the middle of the night or try to eavesdrop through my door, let alone crowding around the hotel. Yesterday, there was even a situation where someone deliberately entered the wrong password many times, it was impossible to return to the room to rest because the password lock to the hotel area couldn’t be opened. This has gravely affected my work with the crew. I hope everyone will return to their lives and be the best version of you.”

It can be remembered that Wang Zhuocheng had previously shared CCTV footages of girls approaching his front door. At 9:04pm on March 29, one girl can be seen ducking from view as she walked towards the door before leaving again through the elevators. At 1:00am on March 30, two girls come from the elevator to look at his door. At 9:12pm that same day, a girl starts repeatedly knocking on his door to ask if anyone’s there. When she gets no response, she shouts, “Wang Zhuocheng f*ck your ***.”

On March 31, Wang Zhuocheng wrote on Weibo, “I have been bearing with some things for a long time, but this time, it really has seriously affected my life. During this time, I was severely harassed. I was tailgated, blocked at the underground parking lot, people knocked on the door and rang the doorbell, secretly went through the garbage and did a series of harassment behaviors such as provoking and insulting me to my face. It has exceeded the boundaries of the law. My team and I have already called the police and will no longer tolerate any excessive and irrational behavior. Please stop it! As an actor, I just hope to complete every work of mine with my heart.”

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