Daddi Tang Xiaotian Not Dating, Apologizes for Spitting in Public

Daddi Tang Xiaotian Not Dating, Apologizes for Spitting in Public

Daddi Tang Xiaotian was recently spotted by paparazzi out having dinner with some friends. However, it not only sparked dating rumors but also drew criticism because Tang Xiaotian who was smoking outdoors was papped spitting on the street.

The paparazzi captured footage of the woman he was with holding onto his shoulder while he was on the phone with a cigarette in hand and also spitting in public. At one point, she hugged him from the back. When Tang Xiaotian who seemed a bit drunk started singing, she quickly covered his mouth. Afterwards, the two reportedly got into a car to go back to the hotel. The dating rumors were quickly nipped in the bud with statements from Tang Xiaotian and his studio.

On April 6, Tang Xiaotian wrote, “I am sorry that I was a bad example, accept everyone’s criticism. I will pay attention to my civilized behavior in the future. I’ll never do it again!” His studio wrote, “With regards to the topic of Tang Xiaotian’s romance discussed on the internet today, the woman in the video is a staff member who has worked with him for many years, the two have no romantic relationship. On the day of filming, the crew had dinner. Good friends getting together drank happily and their behavior was indeed improper. Apologies to everyone here. The artist and the team will reflect thoroughly. Public figures should exercise strict self-discipline. In his future work and personal life, we will guide the artist to be cautious in his words and deeds to set a good example!”

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