Chef Wan & Daughter Serina Accuse Each Other Of Lying

Chef Wan & Daughter Serina Accuse Each Other Of Lying

What was supposed to be a happy wedding for many has turned out to be a painful event instead. Last week, Chef Wan declared he would not fund his daughter’s second wedding. However, it turns out she had already gotten married!

The ensuing drama has left many confused as both father and daughter have shared different versions of the story. Nonetheless, it has clearly left their relationship in dire straits.


On Friday (9th April), Serina announced on Instagram she was officially married. She mentioned that her father, Chef Wan (real name Datuk Redzuawan Ismail) had blessed their wedding. The actress also hopes to have a reception at her father’s restaurant after Hari Raya. While many friends and netizens congratulated her, Chef Wan’s Instagram told a different story.

In the past 2 weeks, (Serina) insisted on throwing a wedding before the fasting month,” the celebrity chef said. “She said ‘Rina has already married in Siam, Pa!’ My heart was struck by lighting then.” Apparently, the solemnisation here was only to make it official in Malaysia. “I have never prevented her from getting married,” the chef mournfully stated. “Only informing her father she got married in Siam after a long time – don’t you think it’s unbecoming of a daughter to act this way?” Although heartbroken, the chef wished them both a happy marriage.

Serina however was not pleased and took to Instagram to refute her father’s claims. The actress made it clear that her father had already known about the wedding. “In fact, (Chef Wan) has already blessed our relationship and offered to let us have our ceremony and doa selamat at his restaurant,” she said.


Serina was also surprised her father thought they got married in Siam. “If you think about it, logically, the borders are still closed,” she said. However, Serina believes “many people want to influence papa” and “want to see our family ruined“. “I always respect my father. We never had any problem before this,” she said. The actress asked the public to respect her in-laws family and for prayers that her marriage would be a happy one.

Chef Wan was not willing to let the matter lie just yet. Two hours after Serina’s explanation, Chef Wan released screenshots of his chat with Serina. “Proof that I said to wait until October,” the chef wrote. He added that 3 to 4 other people had been the one to inform him Serina had gotten married in Siam. “If you’d told the truth, no one would slander and think the worst of you,” he said.


Prior to that, Chef Wan stated he was unsure of his new son-in-law’s background. The chef wanted to get to know him better before the couple got married. His was concerned that the couple had only met twice before wanting to get married. He also discovered that this would be his new son-in-law’s second marriage.

Chef Wan’s mother was also heartbroken when she found out. However, Chef Wan made it clear they were both adults who are capable of making their own choices. He also added that they shouldn’t judge his new son-in-law’s past marriage. “I have exposed the truth so that the public is aware. From now onwards, it’s no longer my responsibility. I have washed my hands off (it),” he stated firmly.


Although Chef Wan has forgiven them, he isn’t sure he can ever forget the matter.

Trust is precious. It isn’t easy to form but it is very easy to break. The saddest part is that, once broken, it can be hard to earn it back. Hopefully, father and daughter can repair their relationship when they’re both ready.

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