Celebrity children and their famous parents – this is what they look like

Celebrity children and their famous parents – this is what they look like

The apple really doesn’t fall too far from the tree

When you become a celebrity, your kids are ensured to share in the limelight all the same. While some famous parents try their hardest to keep their offspring out of the spotlight, other celebrity kids are making a name in the entertainment industry for themselves. Here’s a few celebrity kids, ready to take after their famous parents.

John Lennon & Sean Lennon

The famous Beatles musician had a son with his notorious wife Yoko Ono. With their offspring having such talented and creative parents, it was only a matter of time until Sean Lennon would start his own creative endeavours. The resemblance between father and son is almost uncanny!

Gordon Ramsey & Jack Ramsey

Maybe it’s the matching outfits, but Gordon Ramsey and his son Jack Ramsey make for a striking family resemblance in this Instagram shot. Many in the comments seem to agree, with several people commenting “Mini Gordon” and “Twins!” Unfortunately for Gordon, his son won’t be following in his chef’s footsteps. Instead, Jack has opted to join the Royal Marines.

Reese Witherspoon & Ava Phillippe

The actress Reese Witherspoon, famous for her roles in Legally BlondeWalk the Line, and many other top film productions, has one daughter with fellow actor Ryan Phillippe. From the picture above it’s quite clear who their daughter takes after: Ava looks much like her famous mother did back in the day. Ava Phillippe hasn’t picked up any major acting roles, but a quick peek at her Instagram reveals she’s a creative soul, dabbling in several forms of art and doing some modelling on the side. She’s also quite outspoken on political issues, and isn’t afraid to use her inherited fame to speak her mind.

Kurt Cobain & Frances Bean Cobain

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Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love famously had a tumultuous relationship. Some fans blamed his untimely death on the Hole frontwoman, and many conspiracy theorists have continued to do so until this day. However, his daughter Frances Bean Cobain hasn’t let these baseless rumours influence her life too much. She takes after her rocker dad, occasionally posting videos showing off her own musical skills. For example, she’s honoured her late father with the beautiful song Angel, written for and about her dad. Beyond that, the two also heavily look alike – from their bright eyes to their grungey style.

Curious to see which other celebrity kids have taken after their parents?

Steven Tyler & Liv Tyler

Of course, Steven Tyler is a household name. His rock ‘n roll antics with Aerosmith have made headlines all over the world, and it may have been expected that his children would similarly step out into the music industry. Instead, his daughter Liv Tyler has become a highly sought-after actress. Most famously, she brought the elf Arwen to life on the silver screen in the Lord of the Rings films. She has also dabbled in singing; delivering guest vocals for several bands and releasing a few singles of her own.

Madonna & Lourdes Leon

Madonna has remained a pop icon spanning decades at this point. In 1996 she gave birth to her first daughter, Lourdes “Lola” Maria Ciccone Leon, her child with fitness trainer Carlos Leon. Over the years, Lourdes Leon (or “Lola”) has made a name for herself, with her famous mother even remarking in British Vogue “…she’s more talented than I am. She’s a brilliant dancer, amazing actress, and a wonderful pianist”. Beyond that, Lourdes has been very outspoken on several issues. For example, she consistently shows up in pictures and to events with armpit and leg hair growing and showing. We can only salute her efforts to normalise body hair like this.

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