Fans Can’t Believe Baywatch Star Donna D’Errico Is 53 Years Old

Fans Can’t Believe Baywatch Star Donna D’Errico Is 53 Years Old

Baywatch star Donna D’Errico recently shared a picture to Instagram that absolutely lit up her fanbase.

Uploading the image of her in a bikini to her 331,000 followers, she praised the simplistic beauty of umbrellas.

She wrote: “I never knew umbrellas could be masterpieces! Look at this one I’m holding. The photos just don’t do it justice. It is exquisite. Handcrafted in Italy by master craftsman…I’m almost afraid to use it!”

While the umbrella was no doubt beautiful, loads of Donna’s fans were shocked at her youthful appearance.

Many couldn’t believe the TV actor is 53 years old, with one person saying: “This woman is from another world!”

Another added: “Still as beautiful as ever.”

She was a Playboy model and became the magazine’s Playmate of the Month for September 1995.

Then she got her big break by playing Donna Marco on the cult classic TV show Baywatch and was a starring character from 1996 to 1998.

Following her departure from the show, she appeared in films like Austin Powers in Goldmember, Intervention, InconceivableThe Making Of Plus One.

She’s also appeared on TV shows like Reno 911! and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

But while she has posed for Playboy and regularly posts photos of her in bikinis and lingerie, she is also deeply committed to her Catholic faith.

Credit: NBC

When asked by Fox News about whether she considers herself religious, she replied with: “Absolutely. I don’t like the term spiritual because I think that’s a cop out. Either you’re religious or you’re not.

“There’s no spiritual, it’s a silly term that’s become a catchall phrase. If you’re not religious you’re not religious. What does spiritual mean? I go to Mass every Sunday and I pray the rosary every night with my kids.”

She was also quizzed on her past and whether she regrets posing for Playboy back in the ’90s.

“Listen, I’ve made mistakes and choices in my past that I wouldn’t make today. That’s a chapter in my life that I’ve closed the door on. It seems to me like another person. It’s not who I am today,” she said.

She is so dedicated to her faith that she climbed Mount Ararat in Turkey back in 2012 and wanted to search for the frozen remains of Noah’s ark.

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