Ex-Mediacorp actress Chris Tong’s livestream suddenly interrupted by male flasher

Ex-Mediacorp actress Chris Tong’s livestream suddenly interrupted by male flasher

Three Malaysian celebrities went on Instagram Live to discuss the #benderaputih (white flag) campaign in the country but their good intentions were disrupted when a man hijacked the stream to flash his private parts.

Last Saturday (July 10), former Mediacorp actress Chris Tong — who is now based in Malaysia — and radio DJs Nicholas Ong and Phoebe Yap were online to chat with their followers about raising donations for families stricken by the Covid-19 lockdowns.

They didn’t suspect a thing when they granted a man’s request to enter their livestream; he had said he wanted to share his thoughts about the pandemic.

Instead, they were greeted by the sight of a naked man caressing his private parts. The trio was shocked and Phoebe, who was the admin for the livestream, promptly ended the session.

“When we talked about this later, we felt we should have asked the man, ‘Do you think you are very big?’ to hurt his ego. The more nervous and afraid we were, the more excited he would be,” Chris, 38, told Malaysian media China Press in an interview.

Her followers later launched a virtual manhunt for the pervert, sending her his Facebook account. They told her he changed his account name and profile picture, and also sent her screengrabs of the offending scene.

She then uploaded a post with the screengrab and scolded the man: “Please seek professional help if you have psychological problems. Respect others, respect yourself!”

Chris added to China Press that she didn’t report him to the police or Instagram because he did not upload offensive images to her social media and she wanted to give him a chance to change his ways.

But if her celebrity friends ask her in private about the incident, she would still send his particulars to them as a precaution.

“My fans sent me screengrabs of his actions in private messages, and I still got angry looking at it. When I had another livestream with [Malaysian singer-songwriter] Yise Loo previously, we also allowed fans to enter the stream. But all we did was sing a few songs…

“I didn’t know the world would be so heinous, I really should be more careful in the future.”

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