Just a slap: Huang Yiliang says Lin Meijiao asked him to be ‘bad cop’, in response to daughter Chantalle Ng’s allegation

Just a slap: Huang Yiliang says Lin Meijiao asked him to be ‘bad cop’, in response to daughter Chantalle Ng’s allegation

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An interview last week sent shockwaves across the internet as Chantalle Ng (a rising star in local showbiz and daughter of veteran actress Lin Meijiao) spilled the beans on her estranged father Huang Yiliang.

During a chat with local TV host Quan Yi Fong on the meWATCH talkshow Hear U Out, the 26-year-old said Yiliang had a “violent temper” and once hit her so badly that she was hospitalised for a week. It became a “police case” and they even went to court before Meijiao decided to drop the case.

Her parents divorced before she turned one, and although Meijiao had custody of her, Chantalle had to visit Yiliang every Sunday.

Though the duo had their good times, according to Chantalle, Yiliang’s temper made her afraid to see him.

After the story was shared on Facebook by a local Chinese online publication, Yiliang commented on the post: “Please don’t talk rubbish. Thanks.”

Then last night (Sept 26), the 60-year-old former actor went live on Facebook to share his side of the story. He was seated in front of a white wall where he had pasted two copies of the newspaper clipping on Chantalle’s interview.

He said that during the court proceedings on the matter, he had asked for Chantalle to be excused from the courtroom as he felt that she was too young to hear what he had to say. She was around 10 years old at that time.

“Now you’re older, you should know… I turned towards [your] mother and asked, ‘Meijiao, three days before the incident, we had a phone call. You asked me to be the ‘bad cop’ so you can be the ‘good cop’,” he said.

He then asked her to verify his account of what happened with Meijiao and whether he was indeed asked to play the ‘bad cop’.


Yiliang also shared that he had gotten tuition for Chantalle at that time but the tutor told him that she was misbehaving.

Since he was the ‘bad cop’, he bought two rattan canes with the intention to scare her by brandishing it — something he claimed to have worked when he did it to a friend’s daughter after she was caught shoplifting

He said: “This method is very effective. It worked on all the kids except you.”

Just a slap

According to Yiliang, he only gave Chantalle a slap and that he had gotten implicit approval from Meijiao.

“In front of Mummy, I went, ‘Okay, I’ll hit her’ and ‘piak’, [I slapped her]. Because of this slap, you brought me to court. You’re so innocent and pitiful, but I became someone who hit his daughter. It’s really terrible,” he said exasperatedly.

He also reiterated that a father would always love his daughter.

When contacted by 8world, Meijiao declined to comment on the matter and said that her 80-year-old mother had just died and she is busy arranging the funeral.

There was also “one other thing” which he “didn’t know if I should share it”, but ultimately did. It involved his daughter’s behaviour as a kid.

Yiliang recounted an incident where he brought Chantalle to the zoo and he was telling her all about the animals. However, he said she was very distracted.

He recalled: “All the kids were listening. Only my daughter was looking elsewhere… I was worried. I was worried that my daughter would behave similarly during class. Daddy is tough on you because daddy loves you and doesn’t want you to fail.”

“I’m really surprised that someone like you made it to university,” he added, before a voice off-camera cut him off and he apologised.

He continuously expressed his love for Chantalle and revealed that he had willed her a portion of the future sales proceeds of his HDB flat. According to Yiliang, Chantalle and his son (from his current marriage) will each get 30 per cent, while his current wife Lily and Meijiao will get 20 per cent each.

He joked: “Now that you’re all grown up and independent, should I relook at the will?”

‘Volatile temperament’

Yiliang was also very affected by Chantalle’s comment about his “volatile temperament” and cleared the air during his livestream.

Looking visibly hurt, he said: “During the interview, you said you don’t know when Daddy will lose his temper. What are you talking about? Daddy has loved you for so many years, yet you say something so devastating.”

He also implied that she might not have known the real him as he added: “At that time, you hadn’t even turned 10 yet. After you turned 10, we didn’t see each other anymore. You didn’t want to see Daddy, not that Daddy didn’t want to see you.”

Yiliang also emphasised that his blood runs in Chantalle’s veins, therefore, he loves her very much.

Apparently, even Yi Fong was aware of what happened, as Yiliang claimed he had spoken about the issue before with Yi Fong and fellow TV host Guo Liang.

The reveal of his alleged temper also comes at a particularly sensitive time for Yiliang as he is in the midst of an appeal after the judge sentenced him to 10 months’ jail for assaulting a Bangladeshi worker.

He told Chantalle during the livestream: “Don’t do these things. You might influence the judge and instead of 10 months, [the sentence] might be doubled. I might get 20 months. What will happen then?

“Will you visit me, Chantalle Ng? You say your mum is so great, but your dad is also great.”

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