Diva AA: “Erra Fazira Wouldn’t Downgrade Herself & Fall For Faizal Azumu”

Diva AA: “Erra Fazira Wouldn’t Downgrade Herself & Fall For Faizal Azumu”

Azwan Ali has recently opened up about the latest circulating gossip claiming that Erra Fazira had tied the knot with Youth and Sports Minister, Ahmad Faizal Azumu.

Through a post shared on his Twitter, sensational TV host Diva AA emphasised that it’s impossible for someone as popular as the starlet to tie the knot again.


“Ayyo, Diva Erra Fazira reportedly got married and became the second wife to a curry mee towkay (Ahmad Faizal)? F**k! The news is rather absurd for a major star like Erra. He just takes whatever he wants as he please. Is he horny or something?” the former “Muzik-Muzik” host remarked in his social media post.

In related news, the “Yang Terindah Hanya Sementara” songbird expressed that she’s getting sick and tired of being bombarded with tons questions left by her fans and netizens about the recent claims. “I’m already getting exhausted with responding to all the rumours. Even after I issued my response, people have been repeating the same question!” she revealed to former Harian Metro journalist Roslen Fadzil.

“It’s okay. Maybe my soulmate is nearby somewhere. That’s why a lot of people kept bringing up the topic about my marriage. As the saying goes, ‘Every word you speak is like a prayer to the higher power,” the 47-year-old celeb further added.


For those who don’t know, the versatile entertainer was previously married to renowned film director Yusry Abdul Halim in 2003, and also to Engku Emran Engku Zainal Abidin in 2007. Both Erra and Engku Emran had one daughter together, Engku Aleesya (born in 2009).

Sources: Harian MetroMurai.


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